SEREE HDV-M06 FHD 1080p Video Camcorder 24MP 18X Digital Zoom Self Timer Beauty Face Camera HDMI Output


I love taking photos and videos.  I keep a camera with me at all times taking photos or videos of family or anything that catches my attention.  I have wanted a small camcorder that would be convenient to take with me and shoot quick videos.  This SEREE video camcorder is perfect for my amateur videos and it even takes still photos as well.
I love how compact and lightweight this camcorder is. It comes with the video camcorder, battery, adapter, USB cable, AV cable, remote control, camera bag and user manual.2017-04-01_1320_001
I’m really impressed with the features of this small camcorder.  It has a 18X digital zoom, 24MP 1080p resolution and self timer.  It also detects when you are smiling and captures the photo. How cool is that?  You can use this camcorder as a web cam as well.  The 2.7″ LCD screen can rotate 270 degrees (great if you take selfies!)
This camcorder works great on my basic tripod.  It also has a convenient strap on the camcorder when I want to hold it my hands to shoot videos.  My hand fits comfortably in the strap and the strap can even be adjusted.  I feel secure knowing I have a good grip on my camera.2017-04-01_1325
I am impressed with the quality of the videos and photos.  I think this camcorder is great for anyone who is a beginner in videography/photography.  It is also great for students who need a small camera for projects or anyone who just wants to have fun taking short videos and photos in everyday life.

CLICK HERE to get more information on the SEREE video camcorder.

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BabeL Aquamarine Fashion Bracelet

I love jewelry, especially beautifully made jewelry like this BabeL Aquamarine bracelet. 2017-02-27_1447_001This bracelet is handcrafted, which makes it very special.  I only have a few pieces of jewelry that is hand made and this bracelet already tops my list as one of my favorite.
This bracelet has stunning light blue Aquamarine stones across the top2017-03-01_1044 and to complete the bracelet is stainless steel cubes.2017-03-01_1041  I wasn’t that familiar with Aquamarine stones and after doing a little research, I am very fascinated with them.  Aquamarine means “water of the sea” and was believed to be treasured by the mermaids.   The length of the bracelet is 7.5″ with an extender. 2017-03-01_1118 I have a medium size wrist and this bracelet fits perfect.  I feel that someone with a larger wrist would be able to wear this bracelet but would require the extender.
I love wearing this bracelet because of how unique and feminine it looks.  It is a very high quality piece of jewelry and one that I will wear for quite some time.2017-03-01_1117_001
Go check out this beautiful BabeL Aquamarine bracelet  HERE

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Life is a Journey 

I love this blog post by Dylan Westfield. Life really is a journey!

Every Moment Matters

Is the title of this post ever so cliché?  Probably but that does not make it any less true. Life is a journey and it is all about finding yourself and everything that makes you happy. Your life is your own and no one else’s to understand. Do not let people make you feel bad because your life is not following the timeline they think you should be on. Life happens differently for each person. People in life will constantly try to bring you down but I want to tell you why that should not get you down. 

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Ammiy 12 Pc. Makeup Brush Set


It’s not just the quality of your makeup you have to worry about.  You also have to have good makeup brushes.  I personally think you can buy makeup at a high-end makeup counter and look like a clown if you don’t have good brushes.2017-01-21_2357  You can also buy makeup at a drugstore and if you use the right brushes, you can look like a Makeup Maven.2017-01-21_2359
I love this 12 piece Ammiy makeup brush set.  I have the pleasure of owning the 24 piece set as well and I have to say this set is just as nice and the quality is excellent. I don’t know what it is with most of these brush sets and cases but they do need to be aired out when they first arrive.   I always wash my brushes before using them and wash them often to keep bacteria from building up.
The set comes with a soft off white, almost tan color, storage pouch.2017-01-19_1725_002 Every brush is soft against your face and does not shed. The brushes that are included are
1. Powder blush brush
2. Angle Contour Brush
3. Foundation Brush
4. Large Eyeshadow brush
5. Smudge Brush
6. Flat Eyebrow brush
7. Angle eyebrow brush
8. Lip brush
9. Eyeliner Brush
10. Sponge Eye Shadow Brush
11. Eyelash comb brush
12. Fan-shaped powder brush
So you can see there are so many things you can do with these makeup brushes and the right brushes can mean the difference between a flawless face and  looking like a clown!
I was happy to get these Ammiy makeup brushes at a discount but I am giving my review and evaluation on my own.
You can find the Ammiy makeup brushes here:


Dainayw Watercolor Brush Marker Pens



I love coloring, doodling and just creating designs with pens, markers and colored pencils. I have always loved the water color effect but even with four years of art classes, I never totally got the hang of water colors. Back when I was taking art classes, we used paint brushes and bowls of water to  do our water color paintings. It was messy and I would get frustrated because my painting looked like big blurry blobs (try saying that a few times fast!)2017-01-07_1422  instead of the pretty masterpieces that I had imagined they would be. Needless to say, watercolors were never a favorite.
I was offered a set of water color brush pens at a discount and I really wanted to try them out.  I thought they looked just like markers but they actually have a brush at the end.  I wondered if that would make the difference in making doing water colors less messy.
Well, I absolutely love this set of Dainayw Watercolor Brush markers!  These watercolor brush markers come in a set of 20 great colors. They actually do look like markers but on the end is very soft brush tips.2017-01-05_1308_001 Because these water color brush markers are so flexible, I have been able to make broad or fine lines with them. This is something I could never do with the old fashioned water colors. There is also an additional clear water color brush that you fill the tube with water and can be used with a pallet of water colors.2017-01-04_1420
While using these water color brushes, you can get a marker effect or dip the brushes in water and get the traditional water color effect. If you use the brushes like markers, regular paper works okay but if you want to use more water and create more of a water color design you will want to use watercolor paper or card stock paper to prevent the paper from rippling.2017-01-07_1358
I like that with these brushes anyone can use them. Whether you are a beginning or a pro, these brushes are simple to use. I have found that I love doing water color painting now! It is so relaxing and I could feel the stress melt away as I was painting with these brushes. I have always loved to draw and paint flowers but I have never been able to get flowers to look pretty with water colors until now!2017-01-05_1309Go and check the Dainayw Watercolor Brush Marker Pens out HERE

Santa Train In The Appalachians

This time of  year in the Appalachian Mountains something quite special happens.  Something that has been occurring for 72 years.  From Kentucky, through Virginia into Tennessee (a 110 mile route)  rolls a train carrying a man called Santa Clause.  Sound familiar?
When the Santa Train comes through the Appalachian Mountains ,  you know it is officially the holiday season.  I have watched clips on our local news and other programs since I was a little girl.  I never got to see this special phenomenon until  this past Saturday , November 19, 2016.  I grabbed my camera bag and drove about thirty miles to the place where Santa would be arriving on a train instead of a sleigh.  I arrived to a waiting crowd of several hundred people. 2016-11-23_0112 The looks on the small children’s faces were ones that I will never forget.  They just knew something wonderful was about to happen.  Something more than wonderful happened and I was blessed to be part of it.
I stood with hundreds of mountain folk and all at once we heard a whistle and looked and saw the train coming. 2016-11-23_0108 Cheers went up and you could hear the children yells above everyone.  Parents started pressing forward into the crowd with their children to get close to the front to see Santa.  Some Dad’s had their little ones perched on their shoulders.
Santa arrived and was waving and shouting to everyone “Merry Christmas!”  Santa’s helpers, or Elves, started jumping off the train with bags full of treats, trinkets, and toys and started handing them out among the crowd.  Santa was on the train tossing toys far out into the crowd so that those little ones in the back would not be left out.  2016-11-23_0110My eyes filled with tears as I snapped photos and tried to watch all this spirit of generosity  going on all around me.  I kept hearing children calling out, “Me Santa!  “Me”.  I saw Santa point to a child in the crowd and his Dad brought him up on his shoulders and I raised my camera and captured a moment I will forever remember.  I saw a man, who to this child was Santa Clause, look into this child’s eyes and say “I came all this way to give this to you”.   I saw anticipation in this child’s eyes and thankfulness in his Dad’s eyes.  santa_train_nov_21_2016
Not only did children receive gifts but Santa was tossing out gifts to adults as well.  Just as I put my camera down for a minute, I looked up and saw Santa pointing to me and motioning me to come forward.  I shyly stepped forward and heard him say just as he was tossing me a package, “You need this young lady”.  I wanted to say, “Oh,  go on Santa”.   I mean , who knew Santa was such a flatterer.  I’m fifty years old!  I opened my package and there was a lovely scarf!  I felt very special to be singled out by Santa!
This was such a special day, Santa and his elves made sure that not one child or adult left without smiling and joy in their hearts.  I know I wrapped my scarf around my neck  and waved back at Santa as he left the depot and knew I would never forget the spirit of giving and holiday magic that moved in the mountains this past Saturday on a train that was called the Santa Train.santa_train_november_21_2016

Barber Foods Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

When I make dinner on Sunday’s, so many times my mind goes back to when I was growing up. I remember Sunday’s was “chicken day” at my house and the whole family looked forward to Sunday’s because my Mom would be in the kitchen and it seemed like in no time at all, I could start smelling the savory aroma of chicken baking. I never was exactly sure what she did to make the chicken so delicious but there were more than one of us kids that would stand and ask “is it done yet?”

I received a coupon from BzzAgent and Barber Foods to try Barber Foods stuffed chicken breast free.2016-10-22_1347 I chose the Broccoli and Cheese stuffed chicken breast. I made it for my husband and I a few nights ago and as the chicken was baking, I started smelling such a delicious aroma and it took me back to when I was a child when my Mom would bake chicken and I could smell those same scrumptous aromas and my belly would growl with anticipation.
I am always so pressed for time during the week to get dinner on the table and sometimes it can be such a hassle just trying to decide what I can make that doesn’t have a lot of prep or bake time. I was so pleased that there was not any prep time and it only took about thirty minutes for the Broccoli and Cheese chicken to bake. I actually had time to make a side dish of macaroni and cheese to go with the stuffed chicken breast while I waited.
My husband and I sat down to our dinner of Barber Foods Broccoli and Cheese stuffed chicken breast, macaroni and cheese and glasses of sweet iced tea. When I cut into my chicken breast and took my first bite of stuffed chicken breast with melted Swiss and American cheeses and tender broccoli, I knew this was the closest I would ever get to my Mom’s own baked chicken! So good!


Caliart Glitter Gel Pen Set (48 Sparkly Colors)

I remember when I was a child I would write and draw on everything.  I mean EVERYTHING. I loved coloring in coloring books and thought color needed to be everywhere.   No piece of paper was safe and even  our  white and cream colored walls would have my doodles and markings.  I can even recall using our pretty white siding as my very own chalkboard.  I used to pretend I was a teacher and my crayons were my chalk and I would write my lessons all over the side of the house. Can you just imagine how that went over with my parents?  Yeah, I spent a lot of days with a soapy bucket and a sore backside.
So, many years later only a little  has changed.  I still love to write and draw but I am respecting personal property and now I use paper and I have found a love for gel  pens, which were not around when I was a child.  I have several sets of gel pens and I have found that I reach for the glitter pens most often out of all of the other types of pens that I have available in the sets.  I was offered a set of Caliart Glitter Gel Pens at a discount and I jumped at the chance to have a set of only glitter gel pens.caliart  I couldn’t wait to get them so I could start coloring in my new adult coloring book.  I never outgrew my coloring books either.  I just color a little  fancier and prettier now!
The Caliart glitter pens came in a plastic case with four trays and if you are organized that’s great but honestly, I took mine out and put them in a big metal mug and made my own holder for gel pens because I know  as much as I use them, I won’t ever keep them organized in neat little trays.  Let’s be real.  img_3048
I was really surprised that when I first started using them, the ink started flowing right off.  With some of the other gel pens I have had, I have had to “coax” the ink to get to get it going so this was a good start.  The  more I have used the Caliart glitter pens,  I have been impressed with them.  I love that there are 48 glitter pens in all – 38 unique glitter colors with 14 neon glitter colors.  I love that there are silver and gold colors too.  The tips are nice 1.0 mm and that makes it nice to outline drawings and stay in the outlines of coloring books.
The one thing I did learn about these gel pens is that I need to let these dry a little longer than some of my other sets of gel pens because the colors will smear a little if they are not completely dry.  I think that might be because the ink in these gel pens go on really nice and thick and that is what makes the colors pop and stand out as well.
Does anyone still write old fashioned letters and notes?  I do!  I love going to my mailbox and getting a handwritten note or letter, even though it is rare in this day and time and that is why I love sending them myself because I know how much I love getting them so I am also going to be using my Caliart glitter pens to send special little notes to my family and friends.  best_one
As I stated, I did receive these Caliart Glitter Pens at a promotional discount and if you would like to check them out click on the link

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DIY Fall Decoration Corn Jar

I am always looking for something unique each fall to make and THIS is it this year! Thanks reviewerpam!




  • 2 Quart Jars
  • 2 Artificial Maple Leaves
  • Mounting Tape
  • Orange Spray Paint
  • Cardboard or Newspaper
  • Corn Kernels
  • Corn Shuck or Twine


Place adhesive mounting strips on the back of the leaves and affix them to your two jars.


Place the jars upside down on a piece of cardboard or newspaper and use spray paint color of your choice. Once dry, turn them over to spray the top. Spray from front to back lightly so the paint doesn’t get on the inside of the jar behind your leaf.

Once dry, remove the leaves and adhesive strips. Add the corn. I used corn husks around the top of the jar. Just super glue it in the back & tie them together in the front. I used a couple of extra pieces and tied them around the front.  As another option you could just tie a piece of twine around the…

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