Barber Foods Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

When I make dinner on Sunday’s, so many times my mind goes back to when I was growing up. I remember Sunday’s was “chicken day” at my house and the whole family looked forward to Sunday’s because my Mom would be in the kitchen and it seemed like in no time at all, I could start smelling the savory aroma of chicken baking. I never was exactly sure what she did to make the chicken so delicious but there were more than one of us kids that would stand and ask “is it done yet?”

I received a coupon from BzzAgent and Barber Foods to try Barber Foods stuffed chicken breast free.2016-10-22_1347 I chose the Broccoli and Cheese stuffed chicken breast. I made it for my husband and I a few nights ago and as the chicken was baking, I started smelling such a delicious aroma and it took me back to when I was a child when my Mom would bake chicken and I could smell those same scrumptous aromas and my belly would growl with anticipation.
I am always so pressed for time during the week to get dinner on the table and sometimes it can be such a hassle just trying to decide what I can make that doesn’t have a lot of prep or bake time. I was so pleased that there was not any prep time and it only took about thirty minutes for the Broccoli and Cheese chicken to bake. I actually had time to make a side dish of macaroni and cheese to go with the stuffed chicken breast while I waited.
My husband and I sat down to our dinner of Barber Foods Broccoli and Cheese stuffed chicken breast, macaroni and cheese and glasses of sweet iced tea. When I cut into my chicken breast and took my first bite of stuffed chicken breast with melted Swiss and American cheeses and tender broccoli, I knew this was the closest I would ever get to my Mom’s own baked chicken! So good!


Caliart Glitter Gel Pen Set (48 Sparkly Colors)

I remember when I was a child I would write and draw on everything.  I mean EVERYTHING. I loved coloring in coloring books and thought color needed to be everywhere.   No piece of paper was safe and even  our  white and cream colored walls would have my doodles and markings.  I can even recall using our pretty white siding as my very own chalkboard.  I used to pretend I was a teacher and my crayons were my chalk and I would write my lessons all over the side of the house. Can you just imagine how that went over with my parents?  Yeah, I spent a lot of days with a soapy bucket and a sore backside.
So, many years later only a little  has changed.  I still love to write and draw but I am respecting personal property and now I use paper and I have found a love for gel  pens, which were not around when I was a child.  I have several sets of gel pens and I have found that I reach for the glitter pens most often out of all of the other types of pens that I have available in the sets.  I was offered a set of Caliart Glitter Gel Pens at a discount and I jumped at the chance to have a set of only glitter gel pens.caliart  I couldn’t wait to get them so I could start coloring in my new adult coloring book.  I never outgrew my coloring books either.  I just color a little  fancier and prettier now!
The Caliart glitter pens came in a plastic case with four trays and if you are organized that’s great but honestly, I took mine out and put them in a big metal mug and made my own holder for gel pens because I know  as much as I use them, I won’t ever keep them organized in neat little trays.  Let’s be real.  img_3048
I was really surprised that when I first started using them, the ink started flowing right off.  With some of the other gel pens I have had, I have had to “coax” the ink to get to get it going so this was a good start.  The  more I have used the Caliart glitter pens,  I have been impressed with them.  I love that there are 48 glitter pens in all – 38 unique glitter colors with 14 neon glitter colors.  I love that there are silver and gold colors too.  The tips are nice 1.0 mm and that makes it nice to outline drawings and stay in the outlines of coloring books.
The one thing I did learn about these gel pens is that I need to let these dry a little longer than some of my other sets of gel pens because the colors will smear a little if they are not completely dry.  I think that might be because the ink in these gel pens go on really nice and thick and that is what makes the colors pop and stand out as well.
Does anyone still write old fashioned letters and notes?  I do!  I love going to my mailbox and getting a handwritten note or letter, even though it is rare in this day and time and that is why I love sending them myself because I know how much I love getting them so I am also going to be using my Caliart glitter pens to send special little notes to my family and friends.  best_one
As I stated, I did receive these Caliart Glitter Pens at a promotional discount and if you would like to check them out click on the link

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DIY Fall Decoration Corn Jar

I am always looking for something unique each fall to make and THIS is it this year! Thanks reviewerpam!




  • 2 Quart Jars
  • 2 Artificial Maple Leaves
  • Mounting Tape
  • Orange Spray Paint
  • Cardboard or Newspaper
  • Corn Kernels
  • Corn Shuck or Twine


Place adhesive mounting strips on the back of the leaves and affix them to your two jars.


Place the jars upside down on a piece of cardboard or newspaper and use spray paint color of your choice. Once dry, turn them over to spray the top. Spray from front to back lightly so the paint doesn’t get on the inside of the jar behind your leaf.

Once dry, remove the leaves and adhesive strips. Add the corn. I used corn husks around the top of the jar. Just super glue it in the back & tie them together in the front. I used a couple of extra pieces and tied them around the front.  As another option you could just tie a piece of twine around the…

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My Morning with Earl Grey & Poldark


I got up this morning in a rush, as usual.  I have to admit I am not a breakfast person and I rarely eat breakfast or take the time to even take a moment for myself to get my thoughts together before I start my day of endless tasks.  I know breakfast is supposed to be the most important part of the day  but I just don’t feel hungry until later in the day and I don’t even feel much like a snack.  The New Year is coming maybe I’ll make some changes do better.  Maybe…
So, I did decide to put the brakes on this morning when I felt a chill and wrapped my lime green and hot pink polka dotted robe around me and thought a nice cup of hot tea might warm my body up.  I am not a coffee drinker at all.  I do love the smell of coffee, though.  Is that strange?  I remember growing up and laying in bed early in the morning and I could smell the coffee that my Mom was perking in the kitchen and thinking “that smells so good”.  I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to drink coffee.  In my house, coffee was only for “adults”.  I don’t know why?  Back then,  I thought adults look so sophisticated drinking coffee.  I think I was about 11 when I drank my first (and last cup of coffee).  My Mom and Dad went to a neighbors house and I decided I could not wait until I was grown to taste coffee.  I had smelled it long enough and it was just killing me.  I went to the cabinet and picked out my Mom’s prettiest coffee cup.  It was a white cup with pretty pink and blue flowers.  I found a saucer, it didn’t match but I thought I needed a saucer to be fancy.  I poured the coffee into my pretty cup and sat down at the table and crossed my legs and took my first drink with so much anticipation.  I hated it!  How disappointed I was.  This coffee tasted nothing like it smelled to me.  Oh, I know many disagree with me but that was my coffee experience and to this day, I still love the smell of coffee but won’t try it again.  Anyway, I am completely off the subject!

I got my tea box down and look through my packets of tea.  A dear friend sent me a beautiful wooden tea box with Bentley’s finest tea’s several years ago  for Christmas and the packets of teas are long gone now but I kept the beautiful box to keep my favorite tea packets in. 2016-11-02_1439 I tried to decide which tea I would have this morning and I narrowed it down to three, Twinings Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange, Bigelow Earl Grey and Twinings Irish Breakfast.  All three are favorites and it was a hard decision.2016-11-02_1436 Maybe if I had more time and had a long leisurely morning I could have thrown caution to the wind and had all three but I ended up picking Earl Grey.  I’ve enjoyed drinking Earl Grey tea for years, long before I discovered the other two.   I’ve learned some things about Earl Grey tea over the years.  Earl Grey tea has some surprising benefits.


1. Good For Your Teeth
Earl Grey tea has fluoride and fluoride is good for your teeth because it helps protect them from cavities and helps fight tooth decay.  Who knew?

2.  Energy
Maybe it doesn’t give you a kick like coffee (or so I’ve heard coffee gives you a kick) but it does give you a little morning or afternoon boost.

3.  Helps Fight Anxiety And Depression
Earl Grey tea contains bergamot and that has been known to have a calming effect on some people and also known to be a mood booster.  Some people use it to help with depression, anxiety, and stress.

4.  Digestion
Earl Grey tea also has been known to help in digestion and indigestion and nausea and even to promote regularity.

5. Weight Loss
This one got my attention and seems to be one of the more popular benefits of Earl Grey tea (wonder why?) It is believed to help in weight loss because it contains citrus extract which a lot of people believe citrus fruits can induce weight loss.

While I took this relaxing time this morning enjoying my cup of Earl Grey tea, I thought  would catch up on one of my favorite PBS shows, Poldark.  Oh my, what a dashing figure he is. 2016-11-02_1155 How appropriate, drinking Earl Grey tea and watching the British show, Poldark!
I’ve always heard “all good things must come to an end” and when I got to the last drop of my tea, I knew I must get on with my day and I bid my handsome Poldark farewell until we meet again, sigh…


Caramel Apples



It’s amazing how much you can do with one bushel of apples.  I went to the annual Unicoi County, Tennessee Apple Festival early in the month and brought home a bushel of apples and I have canned apples, made Apple Raisin Walnut cakes, fried apple pies, apple fritters, an Old Fashion Stack Cake and today I made Caramel Apples.  I still have apples left!  I guess it’s another batch of fried apple pies for my hubby this week and maybe another Apple Raisin Walnut cake for my sister.
Can I just tell you that it’s not as easy making caramel apples as it seems.  Of course, I have to take it to another level too and instead of just dipping the apples in caramel and rolling them in crushed peanuts, I have to add chopped Reese cups, raisins, and miniature chocolate chips to the mix. I dressed them up proper for fall!  I did find out that all the leftovers make a fantastic trail mix.
I used  bamboo skewers instead of wooden popsicle sticks because I melted my caramel in a non-stick pot and the skewers were longer.  I usually take my apple off of the stick anyway because I just end up getting my face full of caramel when I eat them on a stick.  I like to slice my apples into wedges and eat them that way.  However  a person eats Caramel Apples, it is a delicious experience.
Finally, I got them done and placed on waxed paper. Waiting for them to set up is always the hardest.   While waiting, I just start scraping the pot of every last bit of caramel I can scrummage.  I was raised not to waste anything!
Ta da! Oh so yummy Caramel Apples were ready for my eating pleasure.  I ate and I was pleased!  Oh my, you have to make these with your family at least once this fall!  I’ll include a recipe in case you want to try this yummy treat.
Caramel Apples
1 package caramels
2 tablespoons water
4 wooden sticks
4 large apples
2 cups chopped peanuts
1 cup miniature chocolate chips (optional)
1 cup chopped Reese cups (optional)
1 cup raisins (optional)
In a large microwave safe bowl  combine the caramels and water.  Microwave uncovered on high for 45 seconds, stir. Microwave 20 – 40 seconds longer or until the caramels are melted; stir until smooth.  You can also use a non-stick small pot and slowly melt the caramels, stirring often.
Insert wooden sticks into apples; dip apples in the caramel mixture, turning to coat.  Coat with the nut mixture (and other ingredients if you choose).  Set on waxed paper to cool.
Cut into wedges or if you are adventurous, eat from the stick!
Tip:  If you are using apples from the store, wash well with warm water to get the wax off and dry well.  Caramel will not stick to wax or a moist apple that well.
I hope you try this and get the whole family involved! That’s good eatin’.

Today was Apple Fritter Day

I have been back in the kitchen today making something different with my apples.  I decided to make apple fritters.  I love apple fritters on a cool morning with a cup of hot chocolate.  I am not a coffee drinker, although my husband can’t function without it.  Just give me a cup of hot tea or chocolate and I am all set.
This was my first attempt at making apple fritters so I looked up some recipes.  I am a simple baker and cook and I like recipes with few ingredients.  I saw so many recipes that had tons of ingredients and I just decided to wing it on my own and see what happened.  I didn’t do too bad, although I think with practice they may look a little more formed and presentable.  I told my husband that I needed more practice and he said, “Yes,  and I will be the taste tester.” Hmmmm…
I’m going to include the simple recipe that I come up with here.  Maybe somebody else loves apple fritters and would like to try their hand at making them too.
    Apple Fritters
2 cups self-rising flour
3 medium apples
2 eggs
3/4 cups milk
3 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. melted butter
Beat eggs and then add butter, flour, and sugar.  Peel and chop apples and add to batter.  Drop by tablespoons or a larger spoon into hot oil.  I used a deep fryer but a large deep skillet would work.  Fry until golden brown.
Simple ingredients and a simple recipe.  If you decide to try these let me now how they turned out for you!


Fall & Apples


I love this time of the year.  I go to fall/harvest festivals and watch the leaves turn from green to yellow, orange, brown and red. This is a time of year when I  really  feel motivated to bake because apples are plenty.  I went to an Apple Festival last week and brought back a bushel of apples.  The next day I went to work and made yummy fried apple pies.2016-10-16_1439_001

Oh my, they tasted so good!  I didn’t wait until I had a chance to go to the store and get vanilla ice cream put on top of these pies. I only make fried apple pies during fall with fresh apples and I just felt I had waited so long to get this delicious treat. I am making more pies this weekend and guess what I have in my freezer?  Yep, vanilla bean ice cream!

Today, I canned some apples so that this winter and throughout spring, I can have applesauce with hot buttermilk biscuits slathered with butter.  I can also make my Old Fashioned Apple Stack Cake too.  I’m starving writing about all the yummy things I am going to do with these apples


Fall, such a lovely and delicous time of the year!

BA Designs Oil Diffuser Necklace


The great thing about this necklace is that I don’t have to leave my favorite essential oil at home. I can bring it with me in this oil diffuser necklace.
The necklace is actually very lovely with an antique gold finish pendant and a diamond leaf charm. I have two other diffuser necklaces. One if made of a metal that does not shine and it does not have a charm and the other does have a charm but it is smaller and the charm does not make the necklace stand out. This diamond leaf charm makes this oil diffuser necklace noticeable and gives it a elegant look.
The pendant on the necklace is one inch round and it opens up like a locket. There are two black and two gray leather disc that come with this necklace. I have been putting one or two drops of my favorite essential oil on one of the disc and putting it inside the pendant. I also have found out that I can put a few drops, or sprays, of my favorite perfume on one of the disc as well. This is another way of wearing my perfume and being able to catch a scent of it from the pendant each time I go out wearing my necklace. The chain is approximately 30 inches and has a lobster claw clasp. I love this length because I can easily slip it over my head and I don’t fumble with the clasp. This length if also perfect for wearing the necklace about mid ways of the chest, which makes it more noticeable but the pendant is still close enough to breath in the aromatic scents of essential oil or perfume.
Because the diamond leaf charm is so pretty, I would like it to be more noticeable when wearing the necklace but it does hide behind the pendant a lot of times when I am wearing it and I find myself adjusting it so that it is closer to the front of the pendant. Also, a couple of the disc seemed worn in a few places but they absorbed the oil and perfume I used fairly well and I can use one disc for about three days before having to replace it with another.
My experience with this necklace has been mostly positive and I am very pleased with the design and functionality of this necklace. I love that this necklace is elegant enough to wear in a formal setting but fits comfortable and can be worn casually as well.

I was happy to get this oil diffuser necklace at a discount for my evaluation.


If you would like to check it out,



6goodeals Make-Up & Jewelry Organizer


I am a little unorganized and messy when it comes to my make-up and jewelry. I will use my make-up and leave it on the counter or in a little basket and then before long it just makes a cluttered mess. I have favorite pieces of jewelry that I love to wear frequently and instead of putting the pieces back in their boxes or my jewelry box, I toss them on my dresser or table beside my bed.
I love how this make-up and jewelry organizer is helping me to be less messy and more organized.  I have put my routine make-up , jewelry and other accessories that I wear frequently in this organizer and I love how everything is right at my fingertips. I don’t have to search through messy piles of make-up or try to remember if I put my jewelry back in the box or on my dresser.
This organizer has a nice look and design. It looks like glass but it is a clear plastic. I believe it may be made of some type of acrylic material. It comes in two sections. The top section has different size slots. They are perfect for storing lipstick and glosses, make-up brushes, sponges and mascara. One slot is large enough that I stored a few bottles of fingernail polish that I use most often.  The bottom section has three drawers on one side and a larger drawer on the other side. It is really nice to store my rings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces in the smaller drawers and I have hair accessories in the larger drawer.
Also included with this organizer is a lipstick case. This case is really nice to carry in a purse to protect lipstick from the contents of a purse. I know I have had my share of lipstick accidents and having important papers or items ruined is frustrating!
I love how uncluttered my bathroom sink and dressers are now that I have been using this organizer and it also saves me time when I get ready in the mornings. I don’t go searching all over the house for my make-up and jewelry.
I am really happy that I was able to try this make-up organizer at a discounted price.


If you would like more info on this make-up/jewelry organizer,


Statement Necklace 2016 Summer Maroon and Pink Collection

IMG_2555This is not the type of necklace that I normally wear but pink is my favorite color and I do like something that is different. I can certainly say that this necklace is unique and I love the shades of pink in the leaves of this necklace.

This necklace is a larger metal necklace with a design of several pink leaves (kind of a layered look) and outlined in a darker shade of pink for greater detail. The chain has large links and a lobster clasp and has an extender so that you can wear it longer on your neck. The chain also has a pink enamel like coating. The necklace is heavier than a typical necklace but it does not pull on my neck like I was concerned that it might do.
I like wearing this necklace best with solid colors because I feel that it stands out more. It does tend to get lost when you wear it with floral or more “busier” patterns. I do feel that no matter how you wear this necklace, it makes a lovely and fun look to an otherwise boring outfit.

I was very pleased to be able to receive this necklace at no cost to me in exchange for my evaluation.

If you want more info or want to check out this necklace,