BabeL Aquamarine Fashion Bracelet

I love jewelry, especially beautifully made jewelry like this BabeL Aquamarine bracelet. 2017-02-27_1447_001This bracelet is handcrafted, which makes it very special.  I only have a few pieces of jewelry that is hand made and this bracelet already tops my list as one of my favorite.
This bracelet has stunning light blue Aquamarine stones across the top2017-03-01_1044 and to complete the bracelet is stainless steel cubes.2017-03-01_1041  I wasn’t that familiar with Aquamarine stones and after doing a little research, I am very fascinated with them.  Aquamarine means “water of the sea” and was believed to be treasured by the mermaids.   The length of the bracelet is 7.5″ with an extender. 2017-03-01_1118 I have a medium size wrist and this bracelet fits perfect.  I feel that someone with a larger wrist would be able to wear this bracelet but would require the extender.
I love wearing this bracelet because of how unique and feminine it looks.  It is a very high quality piece of jewelry and one that I will wear for quite some time.2017-03-01_1117_001
Go check out this beautiful BabeL Aquamarine bracelet  HERE

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8 thoughts on “BabeL Aquamarine Fashion Bracelet

    • Aquamarine is suppose to help you become acquainted with your spiritual being. It is supposed to be calming, soothing, relaxing. I am learning more and more about this beautiful stone. The stones do press on my skin a little bit but it isn’t uncomfortable because they are more square and not jagged. I do think that if someone who has a larger wrist would wear this bracelet and if it fit snug, the stones may press in the skin and may cause some redness. Someone who has smaller to medium size wrist shouldn’t have any problems.

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