Basketball Madness


So March Madness is here and that means its Mucus Madness!  Mr. Mucus is all ready for the tournaments. He is going to be rooting for his favorite team.  Duke of course! Mr. Mucus is a true fan so of course, he has to have his own Duke jersey! He thinks he looks really cool in it too.  20190323_141547


He is a die-hard Duke fan because he grew up near Durham, North Carolina where Duke University is located and attended many basketball games there and became a huge fan years ago.  Mr. Mucus will always be a Duke fan!

One of the places that Mr. Mucus loves to watch the games is in his big recliner in his den with all his “snotty” buddies.  He gathers all his favorite snacks around him and sets in for a time of good games and “high fives” as he roots on Duke. You can hear almost hear him all over the neighborhood shouting “Go Duke!”

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