Dainayw Watercolor Brush Marker Pens



I love coloring, doodling and just creating designs with pens, markers and colored pencils. I have always loved the water color effect but even with four years of art classes, I never totally got the hang of water colors. Back when I was taking art classes, we used paint brushes and bowls of water to  do our water color paintings. It was messy and I would get frustrated because my painting looked like big blurry blobs (try saying that a few times fast!)2017-01-07_1422  instead of the pretty masterpieces that I had imagined they would be. Needless to say, watercolors were never a favorite.
I was offered a set of water color brush pens at a discount and I really wanted to try them out.  I thought they looked just like markers but they actually have a brush at the end.  I wondered if that would make the difference in making doing water colors less messy.
Well, I absolutely love this set of Dainayw Watercolor Brush markers!  These watercolor brush markers come in a set of 20 great colors. They actually do look like markers but on the end is very soft brush tips.2017-01-05_1308_001 Because these water color brush markers are so flexible, I have been able to make broad or fine lines with them. This is something I could never do with the old fashioned water colors. There is also an additional clear water color brush that you fill the tube with water and can be used with a pallet of water colors.2017-01-04_1420
While using these water color brushes, you can get a marker effect or dip the brushes in water and get the traditional water color effect. If you use the brushes like markers, regular paper works okay but if you want to use more water and create more of a water color design you will want to use watercolor paper or card stock paper to prevent the paper from rippling.2017-01-07_1358
I like that with these brushes anyone can use them. Whether you are a beginning or a pro, these brushes are simple to use. I have found that I love doing water color painting now! It is so relaxing and I could feel the stress melt away as I was painting with these brushes. I have always loved to draw and paint flowers but I have never been able to get flowers to look pretty with water colors until now!2017-01-05_1309Go and check the Dainayw Watercolor Brush Marker Pens out HERE

3 thoughts on “Dainayw Watercolor Brush Marker Pens

  1. Wow! I’ve never had much luck with watercolors either. Your painting looks amazing. Thanks so much for sharing, I’m going to have to get some of these watercolor markers to try!


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