Barber Foods Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

When I make dinner on Sunday’s, so many times my mind goes back to when I was growing up. I remember Sunday’s was “chicken day” at my house and the whole family looked forward to Sunday’s because my Mom would be in the kitchen and it seemed like in no time at all, I could start smelling the savory aroma of chicken baking. I never was exactly sure what she did to make the chicken so delicious but there were more than one of us kids that would stand and ask “is it done yet?”

I received a coupon from BzzAgent and Barber Foods to try Barber Foods stuffed chicken breast free.2016-10-22_1347 I chose the Broccoli and Cheese stuffed chicken breast. I made it for my husband and I a few nights ago and as the chicken was baking, I started smelling such a delicious aroma and it took me back to when I was a child when my Mom would bake chicken and I could smell those same scrumptous aromas and my belly would growl with anticipation.
I am always so pressed for time during the week to get dinner on the table and sometimes it can be such a hassle just trying to decide what I can make that doesn’t have a lot of prep or bake time. I was so pleased that there was not any prep time and it only took about thirty minutes for the Broccoli and Cheese chicken to bake. I actually had time to make a side dish of macaroni and cheese to go with the stuffed chicken breast while I waited.
My husband and I sat down to our dinner of Barber Foods Broccoli and Cheese stuffed chicken breast, macaroni and cheese and glasses of sweet iced tea. When I cut into my chicken breast and took my first bite of stuffed chicken breast with melted Swiss and American cheeses and tender broccoli, I knew this was the closest I would ever get to my Mom’s own baked chicken! So good!


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