Caliart Glitter Gel Pen Set (48 Sparkly Colors)

I remember when I was a child I would write and draw on everything.  I mean EVERYTHING. I loved coloring in coloring books and thought color needed to be everywhere.   No piece of paper was safe and even  our  white and cream colored walls would have my doodles and markings.  I can even recall using our pretty white siding as my very own chalkboard.  I used to pretend I was a teacher and my crayons were my chalk and I would write my lessons all over the side of the house. Can you just imagine how that went over with my parents?  Yeah, I spent a lot of days with a soapy bucket and a sore backside.
So, many years later only a little  has changed.  I still love to write and draw but I am respecting personal property and now I use paper and I have found a love for gel  pens, which were not around when I was a child.  I have several sets of gel pens and I have found that I reach for the glitter pens most often out of all of the other types of pens that I have available in the sets.  I was offered a set of Caliart Glitter Gel Pens at a discount and I jumped at the chance to have a set of only glitter gel pens.caliart  I couldn’t wait to get them so I could start coloring in my new adult coloring book.  I never outgrew my coloring books either.  I just color a little  fancier and prettier now!
The Caliart glitter pens came in a plastic case with four trays and if you are organized that’s great but honestly, I took mine out and put them in a big metal mug and made my own holder for gel pens because I know  as much as I use them, I won’t ever keep them organized in neat little trays.  Let’s be real.  img_3048
I was really surprised that when I first started using them, the ink started flowing right off.  With some of the other gel pens I have had, I have had to “coax” the ink to get to get it going so this was a good start.  The  more I have used the Caliart glitter pens,  I have been impressed with them.  I love that there are 48 glitter pens in all – 38 unique glitter colors with 14 neon glitter colors.  I love that there are silver and gold colors too.  The tips are nice 1.0 mm and that makes it nice to outline drawings and stay in the outlines of coloring books.
The one thing I did learn about these gel pens is that I need to let these dry a little longer than some of my other sets of gel pens because the colors will smear a little if they are not completely dry.  I think that might be because the ink in these gel pens go on really nice and thick and that is what makes the colors pop and stand out as well.
Does anyone still write old fashioned letters and notes?  I do!  I love going to my mailbox and getting a handwritten note or letter, even though it is rare in this day and time and that is why I love sending them myself because I know how much I love getting them so I am also going to be using my Caliart glitter pens to send special little notes to my family and friends.  best_one
As I stated, I did receive these Caliart Glitter Pens at a promotional discount and if you would like to check them out click on the link

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