BA Designs Oil Diffuser Necklace


The great thing about this necklace is that I don’t have to leave my favorite essential oil at home. I can bring it with me in this oil diffuser necklace.
The necklace is actually very lovely with an antique gold finish pendant and a diamond leaf charm. I have two other diffuser necklaces. One if made of a metal that does not shine and it does not have a charm and the other does have a charm but it is smaller and the charm does not make the necklace stand out. This diamond leaf charm makes this oil diffuser necklace noticeable and gives it a elegant look.
The pendant on the necklace is one inch round and it opens up like a locket. There are two black and two gray leather disc that come with this necklace. I have been putting one or two drops of my favorite essential oil on one of the disc and putting it inside the pendant. I also have found out that I can put a few drops, or sprays, of my favorite perfume on one of the disc as well. This is another way of wearing my perfume and being able to catch a scent of it from the pendant each time I go out wearing my necklace. The chain is approximately 30 inches and has a lobster claw clasp. I love this length because I can easily slip it over my head and I don’t fumble with the clasp. This length if also perfect for wearing the necklace about mid ways of the chest, which makes it more noticeable but the pendant is still close enough to breath in the aromatic scents of essential oil or perfume.
Because the diamond leaf charm is so pretty, I would like it to be more noticeable when wearing the necklace but it does hide behind the pendant a lot of times when I am wearing it and I find myself adjusting it so that it is closer to the front of the pendant. Also, a couple of the disc seemed worn in a few places but they absorbed the oil and perfume I used fairly well and I can use one disc for about three days before having to replace it with another.
My experience with this necklace has been mostly positive and I am very pleased with the design and functionality of this necklace. I love that this necklace is elegant enough to wear in a formal setting but fits comfortable and can be worn casually as well.

I was happy to get this oil diffuser necklace at a discount for my evaluation.


If you would like to check it out,



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