VMATE® PU Leather Totes with Flower Image Delicate Handbag Satchel Shoulder Bag Purse for Women (style-2)


This purse is actually a little bigger than I thought it would be. It’s not overly large and bulky but it’s not so small that you can’t carry everyday items that are convenient either. I love the floral pattern and the way the flowers are spaced randomly throughout the purse. I love flowers and have two flower gardens so this purse caught my attention right away. I wasn’t disappointed with how lovely it is.
This purse is made of PU leather, it is not a really soft leather – it has a shiny look to it. I think I would describe it as “faux leather” but one thing I do like about this material is that is will be so easy to clean – simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. The lining inside is very nice with storage compartments and a zippered closure. You can carry this purse in different ways, which is always nice. You can hold it in your hand or carry it on your shoulder using the adjustable shoulder strap.
This purse is not very heavy which is great because I have a habit of stuffing my purses full making them heavy enough! There is plenty of room inside to store my keys, phone, wallet, hair brush, and other personal items.
Even though this purse has a busy floral pattern it can be worn with a black dress and it adds a look of elegance to the outfit. I have worn it with a pink blouse and denim and it gives it a nice casual look.
I would recommend this purse to anyone who would like a medium size purse that is beautiful and easy to clean.
I received this product at a promotional discount in exchange for my honest evaluation.


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