EXTRA LARGE Flexipod by Camopod, portable flexible tripod for digital cameras, bendy large flexible light weight and travel compact, camera accessories, revolutionize your photography now


I’ve always loved photography and have made it a hobby over the past few years. I remember taking photos with a instant Polaroid camera and thought that was great technology back in the day. Now there are smart phones, digital cameras, video cameras, etc. I have two digital cameras – nothing fancy but I enjoy them and taking photos of family and everything that captures my interest (which seems to be a lot). I am always hoping to get the perfect shot. Sometimes I just can’t get the angles that I need to get just using my hands and not having the flexibility in my body. This is one reason I wanted to try the Camopod. I wanted to see if it really is flexible enough to get those great photos. Wow, it is better than I expected it to be. I’ve really upped the quality of my photographs by using this Camopod.
This Camopod is extremely flexible. It twists and bends in the joints and gets those angles that I can’t. It’s really easy to mount the camera on the Camopod – just take the top of the cover off of the screw in the center of the tripod and place the camera on and twist it around the screw until it is firmly and securely on. That is all to it and I am ready to take those fantastic photos that I have always wanted.
This Camopod is approximately 10 inches. The description describes this an Extra Large, but I am not so sure that 10 inches would be considered Extra Large but it is serving it’s purpose for me and I am very pleased with this Camopod and feel that it is a great price for the quality and functuality of this Camopod.
I was happy to receive this product at a promotional discount in exchange for my honest review.


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