Barber’s Choice Professional Hair Cutting Barber Scissors / Shears – 6.5 Inches Long, 420 Japanese Stainless Steel with Adjustment Tension Screw – Includes a Premium Carrying Case & Matching Comb


My husband used to go to a Barber to get his hair cut but he complained that it was getting too expensive so I cut his hair now. One of the most important things I have learned about cutting hair is a good pair of scissors is a must. I tried using regular scissors and they were so dull and I just ended up chopping his hair instead of cutting it. He honestly has had to wear hats to cover up the bad hair cut.
These scissors are made of 420 Japanese stainless steel. I looked up what 420 Japanese stainless steel is and surprisingly this type of steel is regarded as the best steel for scissors. These scissors also measure about 6.5 inches ad have a tension adjustment screw. A black comb and nice storage case come with the scissors.
I tried these scissors out a few days ago and cut my husbands hair. I noticed right away that these scissors were sharp because they were going over my husbands hair like a lawn mower. I was able to get his hair cut in half the time that it usually takes . I could tell my husband was really happy about that because he wasn’t squirming in the chair like he usually does.
Overall, I really like these scissors and can’t imagine using any other kind now, especially since they have made the job of cutting hair so much easier, faster and with a professional look.
I was happy to receive this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My opinions are solely my own.


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