Grip Wide Beam COB Pen Light 400 Lumens


I think everyone who drives a vehicle should have one of these pen lights to keep in their glove compartment or another convenient place. I have mine in my glove compartment.
My husband and I could have used one of these pen lights last year when our truck broke down late at night while coming home from a movie. The only light we had was the tiny light that came on my key chain and that was no help.
This pen light has three lighting modes – high, low and blinking red. It has a magnetic bottom. It uses 3 AA batteries. The batteries are actually included. It’s so nice to actually get batteries with a product that requires them. So many times I will open an item I have purchased and no batteries, meaning a trip to the store before I can use it.
I wanted to test this pen light out by using it in my driveway near our truck. I wanted to see how much light it really gives off in case of another vehicle breakdown. It actually does give off an impressive amount of light. When I used the red blinking light mode I brought a couple neighbors out on their porches. They thoughts there was an ambulance in our driveway!
Overall, I am pleased with the quality and how well this light functions. I would recommend it to everyone who has a vehicle and it actually is a great light for household projects too.
I was happy to receive this product free in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are solely my own.


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