Chic 3 Pack Womens Socks One Size Fits Most


I actually wanted these socks for my niece but after seeing how cute they are I decided to keep them for myself. I’m just glad I didn’t tell her about the socks!
These socks came in a pack of three with colors of blue, pink and green with a cute Panda design. They are made of 75% cotton and 25% spandex.
I tried them on and they fit my size 8 feet pretty good. They were stretched a little bit but thankfully the spandex in them helped them cover my feet without being too snug. The material is a little thin but I am okay with this because I can fit them in my shoes without overcrowding.
So my niece comes over two days ago and I am running around with the pink pair of socks on and she says “oh cute. I love the Panda’s!” Well, little does she know they WERE going to be hers.
There is a little almost lace like trim around the edges of these socks and I honestly feel it’s not needed. I think the socks would look better without it.
Overall all, I love the colors and design of these socks and I am enjoying all the “cute socks” comments that I have been getting when I wear them.
I was happy to receive this product free in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


IMG_1466 (1)

IMG_1465 (1)

IMG_1476 (1)

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