COMFY PACKAGE 50 Sets 16 oz. Plastic CRYSTAL CLEAR Cups with Flat Lids for Cold Drinks, Iced Tea, Coffee, Bubble Boba, Smoothie, etc.


I have a family reunion coming up next month and these plastic cups will be just the thing I need to take for all the drinks. The reunion will be outdoors and having cups with lids is will prevent any curious bugs or bees from getting in the drinks.
This set comes with 50 16 oz. plastic cups and 50 lids. Each lid has a hole for a straw. Actually, you don’t even have to use a straw if you don’t want to. The lids can be used to protect your drink from dust or anything else that might get in your cup.
I really like having plastic cups better than Styrofoam or plastic cups because they are less likely to leak and fall apart. I also like that these cups are clear. I like seeing what I am drinking.
Even though I plan on taking these cups to the family reunion, I did keep some for myself. I love making my own iced tea and taking it with me when I am out and about. These cups are sturdy, classy and my tea has the protection of a lid and convenience of a straw.
I received this product at a promotional discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My opinions are completely my own and were not influenced in any way.

50 Count Clear Cups


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